The Hurricane of Myself

The very metaphor of a hurricane on the outside like Hurricane Maria on Saint Croix where I look on the outside at the destruction. Now I know why I landed on this very island.

I am not the only one rebuilding from the hurricane of their lives and not only on the outside of scattered pieces after Covid came barreling through…

Love, Truth, Faith, God and yes even strength I never knew ran so deep by the conviction I will not go out of this lifetime on my knees.

I will return to wholeness because there’s nothing else to take away- and nothing and no one can ever take these pillars of my true strength away from me ever again. Because every time I forgot these pillars Рthere was pain Рsuch great pain to bring me to my knees and punched in the gut that knocked the wind out of me.

So yes, we all rise from the hurricanes of our lives inside and out if we have the courage to face this truth that we are stronger than the winds that try to take us out, the winds of grief, of pain, of worry, of fear… and remember – that

WE ARE the wind!

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