Love Always Has The Right of Way

Whatever it is, it will be your feeling you carry around. Choose to perceive Love and feel it. You will be so much more at peace.

Love does not exist to be the exception in our lives- it was created to be the rule.

I was doing my exercise walk and formulating a lot more for The Loving Garden meeting coming up on zoom, and a truck slow led down for me to pass an intersection on a country road. I walked faster as I could see he was waiting to turn. I waved as a thank you and he rolled down his window and he said something and I said, “What was that?” And he said, “Ladies always have the right of way.”

I bowed in gratitude and then I changed his very nice comment to “Love always has the right of way.” Yes, love always has the right of way at any intersection of our lives. On my walk this is what appears. Yes, love has the right away and if you are love you are living the right way.

If you say ‘I love you’ to someone and the words ‘’but’ or ‘if’ are attached to ‘I love you’…I am sorry to be truthful with you however you do not love them. Any conditions placed upon loving is not loving. It attaches the insecurity and lack of trusting love. Including loving yourself. [/expand]

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