I Am You

Written April 8, 2020 – (self isolating somewhere in Scottsdale, AZ on the solo road trip I took off on after a devastating call. I called this ‘The Grief Annihilation road trip.’ But soon learned the Annihilation wasn’t done yet. 2 weeks later the call came my mother had Covid-19.)


Dear the One that carries Me, 

Fear is the absence of Love.
I cannot live if you are in fear.

I hope you will choose me one day.
I will take all your fear away.
For I am your Home, your true peace.

I hold the love that washes away the fear
and waters the garden of your happiness,
your peace, your joy – for them all to grow.

Will you choose me?
I have been waiting for you.
Will you be with me now?
For I really am what you are seeking.

I have no fear to give. Share your support of me for otherwise, 
I cannot reside in the love that I am. 
And I AM you.

Can you hear me beating?
Come in to let me out.

Your Heart

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