The day love rose again

I could not get out in front of grief in 2020. I was immersed in it in every direction on the outside. On every level of my being on the inside; it was a complete tsunami wipeout.

Because of that immersion and submersion that felt as if I was 6 feet under ground like my mother whom I just buried due to COVID19… I felt like I died in a way too.

In that burial of deep grief of blackness that was consuming me, a feeling all too familiar over the decades of loss, I had a choice. I feel like I will just keep suffering the rest of my life, or choose another way to complete my own life.

I chose to complete my life not in suffering. I forced myself to open my eyes to the blackness, face the truth of why I am grieving so deeply…because I loved so deeply.

I chose the love and took that seed of Love in my heart and held on to it for dear life. Literally. I planted that for The Loving Garden to bloom from the pain. It had to.

It turns out I also grew out of the dirt just like flowers and now…there is greater purpose to my pain to all our collective pain.

It is to help others honor their grief and loved ones but choose the love to lead the rest of their lives.
Honor that Love, don’t let it get lost in the pain. Bloom that love from the pain and help others with that very love to help them through their pain too.
Give Love a greater purpose than the pain.

All of us can keep love alive. It is a choice, one we always had. Now we know for sure we can choose it.

Choose Love with me and let’s meet in the garden to bloom our loved ones on.
And ourselves.
Thank you.

(Photo-2/14/2021 – the day Love rose again- officially went live and blooms love on.)

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