Love will not be sabotaged again.

If you try to sabotage love- out of any emotion that feels it ‘deserves it’ – to be ‘right’ – to feel power over something or someone –
You are not reflecting love.

You are reflecting your fear of it and what it represents – a worthiness without ulterior motives or conditions – in the giving or the receiving.
Real love cannot be controlled.
It is not meant to be controlled.
If you put limits on love, you put limits on your very own being. And will receive the same in return.
Do not sabotage yourself.
Do not sabotage your worth.
I know that path.
Choose the other path.
The one where fear cannot walk and wield the sword of sabotage.
The path of letting love breathe without controlling it –
That is your greatest power. Your Freedom you truly want.

-Lori Freed

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