Can I accept…?

(Written April 19, 2020 7:14pm – Arizona – on the ‘Grief and Resurrection’ Road trip chapter of my life. Turned out another level of grief was waiting for me in the shadows shortly hereafter.)

I just read a Hafiz Poem from a book on a shelf in this peaceful abode where I threw a dart at a map and ran away from the pain and trauma engulfing me. I am now self- isolating in the silence trying to drown out the noise of the heavy artillery called life’s war raging on my heart.

His poem is about accepting everything and that is love. And that is when you know God.

Hmmm, it’s interesting because it says forgiveness gives you peace and forgiveness is really acceptance.

Do you accept what happened? It does not mean you agree with it – just accept it because it’s outside your control and so much grief happens of trying to control things outside our control.

Everyone is on their journey. Everyone is at a place they chose. I need to learn from

And everyone is on their own wisdom timetable, their own truth timetable, their own acceptance timetable, their own forgiveness timetable.
And most of all, their own love timetable.

If I can accept everything and everyone and every experience and every moment that has ever transpired; especially the ones that cause pain and suffering… if I can accept every single molecule of my journey then I am freed. !?!?!

So much I do not agree with and perhaps the pain was necessary but by accepting all and everyone and actions including my own then I release any sense of ego-meaning control – of what I cannot control – meaning I also release the suffering that partners with control.

And then I win that which is released – and love blooms everywhere, in everything and in everyone, including me.

Can I accept this simple formula for my own peace and freedom to love without fear?


(Written 10 days before I received the call my mother got Covid. 27 days before she died. 3 months before the seed of The Loving Garden returned to my heart after a decade. 11 months later, The Loving Garden website bloomed into its Truth.)

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