The Dream Quest

Beauty from the ashes

In the burning release, with mercy, compassion and love, freedom arises. What blooms is beauty from the ashes.

Self-love returns

Every now and then this one pops up to remind me Who I AM and that I never colored inside the lines. I created my own art piece called β€œSelf Love Returns” πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ’•πŸ’ƒ Journey On… Love On Peeps…

Love found its way through

Who knew I would come upon a broken heart, yet again a year later. Mine. Again, but in the brokenness Love found its way through. Again. πŸ’”πŸ’–

The winds

No matter how many times the winds swept me up and battered me like a game, that tests ones will to survive, it would eventually give me mercy and release its grasp on me. In that release, I plummet like a skydiver without a…

The Loving Garden’s Creation

The Loving Garden was created from the tears of love and is the proof of what Love can really do when you allow it to lead beyond the pain. You will see the beauty again.Β 

My Soul Brother

You appeared in my photo stream this morning, Jon Michael. My soul brother from the β€˜90’s. You were my love, my family, my joy, my laughter, my belonging in our mutual orphaned feeling kind of way. I never got to say goodbye. I hope…

The Road Walked

I have always walked with God, but that does not mean it has been a saintly life. The walk with God includes stumbling and crawling on your scrapped and bloody hands and knees through the depths of hell and dark nights of the soul….

Beauty as a Sunset

Written in March 2020- I chose the sunsets of my life, always chasing them before they set in the waters of the Pacific. Perhaps, subconsciously, I was wanting the ending to storylines and pain and feeling lost and alone. The sunsets felt me and…

Love the other way around

At the age of 40, Franz Kafka (1883-1924), who was never married and had no children, was walking through the park in Berlin, when he met a little girl who was crying because she had lost her favorite doll. She and Kafka searched for…