LOVE BLOOMS on Valentine’s Day!

The Gates to the Loving Garden are now open!

St. Croix, USVI, Feb 14, 2021: The seed of a Love Legacy idea planted almost 10 years ago to help others, all in the name of love, finally comes to life. It’s time to uplift ourselves, our country, our world with Love! Following the turbulent and painful 2020, the vision to spread the powerful message of love is the beginning of a new hope and healing. What better than the day of love, Valentine's Day, to open the gates of - a charity for all. Most recently TLG has added elements specific to the loss of loved ones from Covid-19.

Anyone who has lost a loved one(s) can plant a flower seed in the worldwide virtual garden to honor them, for any donation amount. Or just plant a flower seed of love at no cost in these challenging times and anchor love in their own lives. Donations to plant a flower seed of love will ‘bloom’ to help and support ‘Flowers of Love Recipients’ in the numerous sectors listed on the website.

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Ms. Freed calls this process the Cycle of Love where “Our Love Blooms On...”. She quotes the legendary music group U2 lyrics – “After the Flood all the Colors Came Out, It’s a Beautiful Day…”  And that flood are called tears…let’s make something beautiful out of them. 

“I have walked, crawled and fallen many times on the road of deep, painful storylines all of us face at one time or another in our lifetimes.” says [Lori Freed], Founder, The Loving Garden Inc. who is an End of Life guide and hospice volunteer.  “It’s time, more than ever to take the shattered heart feelings we have all felt and repair them and the fastest way to do that is to LOVE.”

When my mother passed away from Covid-19,  I used my tears of grief for a greater purpose and power and they help build The Loving Garden for all - in honor of Love. The very love we feel we lost now lives on, or ‘blooms on’ as I call it…”. 

The Loving Garden is a charitable website first and foremost, however it is also a portal of love with offerings extended to site visitors such as support resources, positive affirmations, your own personal garden page, community connection forums and much more blooming continuously.  All portal of love offerings are free for anybody to use any time they need. 

Please visit and honor those you love while helping others in need of love and assistance. Including yourself. 

Bloom Love On...  ###

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