To say my heart is broken yet again is an understatement. The collective grief of surpassing 500,000 US souls lost to COVID-19 is beyond comprehension. When my mom suffered, gasping for breath in her battle and loss with Covid-19 on May 16, 2020 – there were approximately 60,000 souls who had passed – and 9 months later that number is over 8 times more of our loved ones gone.

More than ever this instills the truth within me that we need a collective love to surpass the collective grief and help others get through and bloom again, better, higher, wiser, and with the very essence in which they thought they lost…

LOVE. The gardeners of TLG, plant your love in honor of Your lost beloveds because your love for them and they for you was never lost or died. It loves forward to helping others in its honor. Bloom Love On for these 500,000 beautiful loves and so many more.

We love you.