Love starts with our truth

The truth that we loved

The truth we feel loss 

The truth that we grieve and honor those feelings 

The truth is that we have permission and are safe to love

Safe to grief. The deeper the love, the deeper the grief. It is our own birthright to feel and know

Love and it is our hearts test of strength and courage to know and feel grief as well. 

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Love and grief do not know age, race, religion, color, creed, philosophy, geographical locations or gender. 

There are no boundaries. 

We are love. For how could we give love or grieve love otherwise? The only difference between love and grief is that love is limitless. Grief will forever have its place at the table but over time, the grief may RSVP less and less.

However, I know I always have a seat available for it at my table should it decide to come by, knock me off my own chair like a blindsiding Mac truck and drag me into a darkened room for a day or a week crumbled into nothingness.

And I learned to allow it. To have mercy on myself when grief shows up unannounced and decides to take over. And as one grief comes to pass and reprieve me over the passage of time, another arrives to remind me how delicate and precious love is and how blessed I am to have ever felt it.

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